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Secretary Message

Mr. Jashminbhai J. Desai


The current scenario of higher education in India needs substantial improvement. Every year, thousands of fresh graduates are produced and are consequently being exposed to a fierce competition to grab employment. We are passionate about solving this growing problem of employability gap and providing ample opportunities to our students to develop themselves holistically and also to become industry ready professionals and responsible citizens of tomorrow. In this age of technology, knowledge is just a click away and we ensure that every student of the college has only the best of technology at his/her disposal. Technology is changing and changing for betterment only, making lives simpler and easy to live, processing faster, aiding in decision making, converting luxuries to affordability and making the impossible seems possible. Our college is an attempt to serve the ends of technological and management excellence which is the desire of mankind from centuries. I am happy to place on record my appreciation for the teaching faculty and also the administrative wing for the dedication and support.